River Catfishing – Especially For Channel Catfish!

When it comes to river catfishing,  the Channel catfish is the most popular type of cats you will find here. For some, it might be insignificant to have an article about Channel catfish fishing. But for anglers who are already experienced in catching these wonderful species, there is no better place than this.

Easy ways on catching these cats is done by learning the basics. In the United States, the Channel catfish is the most common catfish that is found in this country. Sometimes, the Channel catfish are called  spotted cats, Blue channel catfish or river catfish. For your information, Channel catfish are not limited to rivers. In fact, you will easily find them in any type of freshwater as long as the water is warm enough. Just make sure that the water is warm to at least 70 degrees.

How you will know if you are in a good spot in catching these cats? Simple, when it comes to river catfishing, just study how these cats live in their natural habitat. This will definitely give you a great advantage on catching them. It is true that they are found mostly in rivers. But unlike other catfish species, they usually stay on water with slower currents. Look for a place where food often hung like on rock formations, natural pile ups and ridges in the river.

Catfish fishing in lakes is a bit different. You will see most of these cats in shallow water, perhaps near the shoreline, where there is overgrowth from trees and grass to shelter them. Don’t be surprised if you can’t find them hiding around locations with a very muddy bottom. Normally, catfish species that live in lakes prefer to stay in the sand and rock bottom areas.

Wherever you are fishing in, be sure to have your gears always in good condition and take the right bait. Catfish species normally grows for 10 – 15 pounds, but it is not unusual that these cats grow bigger than this. So, don’t be amazed if these cats will give you a tough fight.

If you are fishing for Channel catfish, then river catfishing is a good way and having a fight on your hands at the same time.