Make Your Own Catfish Rigs

If you want to catch bigger fish, you will be using Catfish rigs. The rigs are the way that you set up your fishing line with the bait and the amount of weight you attach to the line. You do not need especially a complicated catfish rig if you want to catch that monster fish you heard about. You can use a variety of number of types of catfish rigs and sometimes it is even better to use something simple that need a weight and or dobber with a good sturdy hook and more important the right bait.

The deep catfish rig is one of these examples. The deep fish catfish is has a sturdy weight rather then a hook attached to the end of the line. If you want to avoid snags place the weight at the end of the line. Use a palomar knot to tie it at the end of the line and the weight should not me more than an once or so. For attaching hooks and weights the Palamar knot is really useful. You do not want the problem of being pulled loss and this tie avoids that completely. With this knot the line will break the line fist before the knot unravels.

You should tie your hook about twelve to eighteen inches up from the end of the line. Tie a dropper loop into the line in order to hold your hook and leader line. If you want, you can use a wired leader to keep the line attached to your hook from getting wrapped around the line attached to your weight. For smaller catfish use an smaller hook like a number 2 all the way up to 2/0. For bait you can use chicken livers, worms or dip baits. Use an 8/0 or 9/0 circle hook if you’re fishing with shad or perch catfish bait and are looking for those elusive big catfish. The hook setting is a lot better, and the fish will be less likely to straighten or escape once hooked.

If you’re looking to fish in shallow waters, make a shallow catfish rig. You do need good catfish bobbers if you are making a shallow catfish rig. Place a bobber two to three feet from the hook, depending on how deep you want to fish. Just above the bobber, add a split shot or two between the bobber and hook. Which type of hook you use, do consider your bait and the catfish types and sizes you are trying to catch.

All the different types of catfish rigs have there own purpose and design When setting up your rig, consider things like the weather and temperature conditions, and what time of the year it is. Knowing how to set up an effective cat-fishing rig gives you the best opportunity to catch a bigger catfish with ease.
If you are fishing for Channel catfish, then river catfishing is a good way and having a fight on your hands at the same time.